Shiva Necklace (Painted) – Hindu Jewelry

Shiva is the Hindu/Vedic Destroyer of the Universe and this beautiful painted Shiva Necklace represents him very, very well in all his glory. Keep in mind that sometimes it is good and appropriate to destroy the universe! For example, Vedic legend has it that whenever the Asuras (Demons) come to dominate the Universe, Shiva is reincarnated to destroy that evil Universe. Don’t worry, he is not dangerous to you! He is also the deity of transformation. In fact, Shiva will protect and love you as you come to love him. Shiva is also known for coming to the aid of those who practice yoga and meditation. His touch is enough to bring enlightenment to even the most undeveloped soul! Shiva lives on Kailash, an ice-capped mountain in the Himalayas. Did you know that his invocation/mantra is Om Namah Shivaya, which means that god resides in you as you? Become a lover and devotee of Lord Shiva by wearing this beautiful Shiva Necklace.-

  • The Painted Shiva Necklace is 3/4″ x 3/4″ Pewter.
  • The Shiva Necklace comes with the 33″ cord included.

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