JAI UTTAL: Shiva Station


Standing at the epicenter of the Asian fusion trend, Jai Uttal continues his unique hybridization of Asian tradition and American innovation. SHIVA STATION, co-produced by groove guru Bill Laswell, is less India-centered than some of his other outings. The album has a strong jazz flair (especially prominent on the opener “Guru Brahma”) that mellows the more structured Asian elements, giving it a chilled, lounge feel. Uttal performs on vocals, singing/chanting in both English and Sanskrit. His gravelly voice is an ideal complement for the varied instrumental textures of the Pagan Love Orchestra. Among the songs on this diverse set are “Malkouns (A Night on the Ganges)” a passionate rock song with heavy electric guitars, the subdued “Rama Raghava” and the title track, “Shiva Station (Namah Shivaya)” which combines chant with reggae rhythms.

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