TINA MALIA: Silent Awakening


Themes of inner growth and self-reflection provide the basis for Tina Malia’s THE SILENT AWAKENING, a fascinating journey into the heart and soul from the gifted songstress. One factor that makes the album so entrancing is the porcelain voice of Malia, which has an ethereal quality, while at the same time coming across as comforting and intimate. The instrumental arrangements of the album do a wonderful job of mixing influences from a wide range of cultures, including those of the Celts, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The song “Heal this Land,” for example, builds over its course with African percussion and flowing kalimba melodies that are accented by an underlying cello. The effect is rich and invigorating, and enhanced further by Malia’s singing and lyricism. On the other side of the spectrum, “Holy Morn” shows the strength of Malia’s voice in an a cappella setting. A wonderful outing for the singer.

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