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Lord Ganesh is an ideal deity for people with no religious persuasion to have in their home. He is a non-sectarian deity. Hindus of all denominations worship this “God for Everyman.” He is also worshiped by Jains and Buddhists. Animal lovers and people who care for Mother Earth find him a friendly deity. This elephant headed God of Scholarship is the bringer of happiness and prosperity. He rules over your first chakra, the seat of trust, thus supporting and guiding all the other chakras. In this way he rules over the forces that propel the wheel of life. Ganesh shows you that all things are possible. In addition he is the keeper of the Mother in all her various forms, including Mother Earth.—

  • Shiny statue of the seated Ganesh is a foot high.
  • The statue is composed of metallic-looking silver polystone with plenty of detailing and textures.
  • Ganesh shows his love by destroying any obstructions on your spiritual path.
  • He is also known as the destroyer of pride, selfishness, and vanity. He is the personification of the material universe in all its diverse forms.

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