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Ma’s India soaps will enhance your bathing experience whether you are seeking high art or health or basic cleanliness. Soaps have been used by humanity since ancient times. Early evidence of soap’s use has been found in Babylonian clay cylinders from as long ago as 2800 BCE. Later evidence of Babylonian use was found written on a clay tablet giving their formula for soap: cassia oil, water and alkalai. By Egyptian times bathing was a regular habit using soaps made from alkaline salts, vegetable oils and animal oils. In more modern times, during World War I a shortage of fats and oils occurred, leading to the creation of synthetic detergents. Harsh chemicals were substituted for gentler natural ingredients. While chemicals cleaned beautifully, they left a film on clothes that some people reacted to with rashes, allergies and various skin irritations. These same chemicals found their way into skin care soaps, again leading to skin problems. Dryness was the most common problem and led to an increasing use of skin lotions which replaced lost moisture and put down a protective oil film to decrease moisture loss so the body could heal naturally. Today we are returning to soap made without these harsh chemicals like the ones available in Ma’s India, soaps which help you heal. Essential oils have the ability to permeate your cell walls and carry nutrients and oxygen directly to your cells. In this way soap with essential oils help boost your immune system which in turn prevents disease. –

  • Our soaps are made in India.
  • They are free of animal fats.
  • The soaps are made from coconut and/or vegetable oils.
  • Their pleasant aroma comes from herbs and/or healing essential oils.

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