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It is said that our sense of smell has the strongest memory. Thatís why Incense and fragrant oils have been popular for thousands of years. Used for everything from spiritual to the medicinal; In many countries, and on different continents. Its use can be traced back to the days of the Pharaohs, and appears in the Vedas, the most sacred and oldest book of the Hindu Religions. It was one of the gifts of the wise men at Christís birth. Our selection of imported incense in stick or cone form honors all traditions. Incense from India. Incense from China. Incense from Japan. Incense from Korea. And incense from Tibet. All are used in meditation and contemplation. Or just for the sensation of smelling something wonderful. Donít miss our essential and perfume oils. Some can be used for aromatherapy or just because they smell wonderful.

All will touch your heart and create a memory you will keep forever.

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