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Fans of Indian art will particularly enjoy Ma’s India’s Bronze Standing Ganesh and its companion piece, our Standing Lakshmi. At close to a foot tall, the decorative details are easy to distinguish and attract the eye. Note particularly Ganesh’s attire, the ornate head piece, and the pedestal. This Hindu god is the one you call on for writing endeavors; Ganesh is the patron of letters as well as the Remover of Obstacles. He is also the God of Scholarship. The details of Ganesh’s elephant head are full of symbolism. Note that his head is large in proportion to his body; this is to encourage you to think big, or as we say in America, think outside the box. Ganesh’s small eyes show deep concentration. His large ears mean “listen more” while his small mouth is saying “talk less.” Popular Ganesh has a place in other religions, including Buddhism and Jain beliefs as well as Hinduism. They call upon Ganesh at the start of prayers, rituals or new undertakings as well as in times of stress. Your first chakra (at the base of your spine) is his residence. It is here that Ganesh holds, supports, and guides all your other chakras. In this fashion he governs the forces that drive your wheel of life. Ganesh shows you all things are possible.

  • This Standing Ganesh statue is made of cold case bronze.
  • He stands 10-3/4” tall.
  • Ganesh is believed to bring you success, protection against adversity, and prosperity.
  • Mother Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, is often placed in combination with Ganesh.
  • Both are available in similar styles at Ma’s India, as is the Kali statue below.

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