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Our truly lush carved faux ivory statue of Quanyin is sure to delight you. The murti contains abundant details and is rich in symbolism, like many Buddhist statues. You can easily see why Kwan Yin (another spelling for this spiritual being) is often called the “Regarder of the Cries of the World.” You call upon Quan Yin when you wish to develop compassion within yourself. On her right you see a phoenix who has a head shaped like that of a pheasant and the tail of a peacock. The phoenix is said to have the most enchanting song. It’s known to be able to express all human emotions with its song. The phoenix’s origin is beyond the outer edge of Time and it represents perfection of quality and beauty. Phoenix represents Dharma. On Quinyin’s left side is a dragon which is associated with Buddha nature. Dragons have the power of invisibility which accounts for their seldom being seem in nature though they are known to inhabit lakes, and seas and the mists. There the dragon can exist, be present and yet remain hidden and elusive. Dragons guard the Jewel of Enlightenment. It is a jewel you can ask to share.

  • The Vajra Satva statue (shown above) is located on Kashi Ashram.
  • We have an appealing array of statues of the Buddha.
  • We also offer statues of Buddhist deities.
  • You’ll find plenty of tools in our collection to aid your spiritual practices.
  • For more information about Buddhism.

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