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The divine feminine was a powerful force within Indian and Tibetan myths and belief systems. Many ancient sects believed goddesses were not only more powerful than their male counterparts but also more approachable. They felt the goddess was more connected to our human experiences. The mother goddess was given the name Shakti. Hindus rich mythology includes incarnations of the same being with different attributes and names. Shakti was also called Durga, Parvati, Sati, Devi, and Kali. Mother Durga was a warrior incarnation whose name in Sanskrit means “invincible. The first syllable ‘du’ is synonymous with poverty, sufferings, evil habits, and famine. The ‘r’ refers to disease. The ‘ga’ means the destroyer of sins, cruelty, laziness, and injustice. According to legend, at one time the gods were threatened by the giants Nisumbha and Sumbha. When they were unable to defeat them unaided, the gods asked Shakti for help. Shakti manifested as Durga riding astride a lion and radiating a yellow aura that gleamed like the sun. Durga rode into battle to protect the gods and was victorious. By this defeat Durga showed that evil was not all powerful. When gods and goddesses unite balance is restored and it becomes one great force called Durga. When you gaze upon a statue of Mother Durga, feel her invincible nature fill you, surround you, protect you. Know the Mother Durga loves you just as you are this moment. –

  • Hindu Scriptures have 108 names for Mother Durga.
  • The weapons Durga holds are to protect her children from their own egos and from outside perils.
  • Ma’s India’s collection of Durga statues offers you plenty of variety in size, price, pose, and materials.
  • For more information about Durga, click here.

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