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This Hindu god that looks like a monkey is actually an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman is the god of compassion, service, perseverance, humility, and devotion. His story is told in the Ramayana. It is famous for inspiring you with a desire to face worldly challenges and for providing you with guidance on how to overcome your obstacles. Hanuman asked the sun god Surya to teach him the scriptures. With his phenomenal concentration, it only took Hanuman 60 hours to master the scriptures. Hanuman created the Surya Namaskar (salutation to the sun) as a greeting for his teacher Surya. Vayu, Hanuman’s father and the god of the wind and the air, taught pranayama to him and he in turn taught it to mankind. Hanuman is considered the ideal Brahmachari because he mastered his senses through his devotion and celibacy. He also mastered the eight siddhas (powers) of tantra. It is said he who meditates on Lord Hanuman will feel safe and secure in life. Your meditation on Hanuman will show you there is something greater in life than the will and meditation also improves your ability to serve others. When you ask Hanuman for humility and kindness, you set the stage for happiness and joy – all excellent reasons for choosing one of our top quality Hanuman murtis. –

  • Hanuman was a particular favorite of Neem Karoli Baba in India.
  • Hanuman’s story is told in the ancient Hindu classic the Ramayana.
  • For more information on the Ramayana click here.

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