St. Christopher Patron Saint of Travelers – Christian Jewelry

  • Christopher means “Christ Bearer,” because St. Christopher carried Jesus across the water.
  • He is the patron of travellers and motorists.
  • The Prayer of St. Christopher begins: “Grant me O Lord a steady hand and a watchful eye/ That no one shall be hurt as I pass by…”
  • OK, here’s the whole story: St. Christopher was preparing to cross a river when a boy approached him, asking for help to get across. Christopher placed him on his shoulder so that the child could stay dry. As they crossed, Christopher felt the child gradually getting heavier. When they reached the other side, the boy was actually Jesus come to earth to test his disciple! Pleased, he blessed Saint Christopher, and told him that the weight he felt was the burden of God: The weight of the whole world. St. Christopher protects travelers, and he is also known to ward off storms and even plagues.
  • This pewter pendant comes with a black cord.

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