Sunlight Lotus Decal – Stickers

The delicate pink lotus at the center of our Sunlight decal draws your eye—but watch out. Scientists have found pink makes you crave sugar! Pink is both sensual and passionate without being aggressive. It’s a color of youthfulness and happiness. Unlike in the United States, in Japan this gently stimulating color is associated with masculine qualities. Perhaps because pink’s been found to increase your respiration, your pulse rate, and your heart beat. Or maybe it’s because pink encourages self confidence and moves one to action. Pink has also been found to decrease ill-will and increase friendliness. In our Sunlight Lotus Decal the pink lotus resides on the most popular of the colors—blue—which happens to also be the least gender specific color. This lovely lotus decal appeals to both men and women and makes a lovely “just because” type of gift perfect for a Monday or any day of the week. –

  • Sunlight Lotus Decal measures 4-1/2” x 2-1/4” and comes one to a sheet.
  • Sunlight decals give your room a luminous presence similar to stained glass.

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