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Our Sunís Eye Jasmine Rose Herbal Oil will knock your socks off! Itís an elegant combination of these two classic oils. Jasmine oil is intoxicating. It takes about 1000 pounds of Jasmine blossoms to produce one pound of Jasmine Oil. Jasmine is found in India and Western Asia. There are actually almost 42 species of Jasmine in India alone. Jasmine is complex in character. Itís rich and warm and brings lightness and happy feeling to those who use it. Now blend this Jasmine Oil with Rose Herbal Oil and youíve got quite a combination Ė uplifting and stimulating, reduces anxiety and increases excitement. It also may help with eczema when caused by stress and several other maladies.-

  • What a fragrance Ė Jasmine and Rose. Just imagine!
  • Two of the worldís classic oils.

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