Tara: 4 colors (Ganga clay)


Tara was the Mother Goddess who answers human supplication. The shining figure Sita, Tara was born of a single tear of compassion shed by Avaloketishwara on seeing the suffering of humanity. Tibetan Buddhism numbers 21 Taras, often featuring seven all-seeing eyes of compassion (three in the forehead, one in each palm and foot sole). White Tara, the mild form of the goddess, promises health, long life and prosperity. Green Tara promotes growth, solves practical problems and protects our everyday world. Notice her foot is outstretched, instantly ready to meet her supplicants. Black and Red Taras are fiercer guises. Here the deity may use suffering to foster the devotee’s healing and courage. But even in Her wrathful aspect, Tara’s role is to dispel the fear of death and foster the evolution of compassion. 6″ inches tall. Made from Ganga clay.

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