Green Tara Statue – 3 3/4″ – Buddhist

When you first gaze upon this seated Tara statue you may think you are looking at old ivory. Be assured no animal was killed to create the statue. Our Tara statue is faux ivory.

Tara is a divine being said to be born from the tears of the Buddha of Compassion. Tara is the Queen of Tantra, the creative force that helps you with difficult situations. Here you can see she is adorned with many pieces of jewelry. Tara wears coral beads for power, jade to honor her lineage, turquoise for her heart, and a diamond for eternity. These stones are said to have been given to her by Padmasambhava, the sage guru who brought Vajrayana Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet in the 8th century and who is revered as “a second Buddha.” There is no one image of Tara and in this statue you can clearly see the compassion that Tara possesses; her hands face you, bestowing benedictions. You will be blessed by her presence. –

  • Tara is a divine Bodisattva, an Enlightened being who remains on earth to help free all things from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
  • There are green, white, yellow, black, red, and orange Taras, each with a history, differing powers, and followers world-wide.
  • Her Sanskrit name is tar which means “to cross over” – and as Tarini she acts as a bridge for you to use to reach immortality.
  • Miniature glass beads are embedded in the composite material of our Tara statue, which is completely washable.

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