The Kiss Card (3 Cards) – Greeting Cards

This exquisite and moving The Kiss Card is painted by Alex Grey, a highly lauded graphic visionary with a hugely eclectic and prolific collection of mystically inspiring visions. The Kiss Card represents the beauty of love, intimacy, and oneness with all beings and offers you a wonderfully expressive card on which to write your most loving and intimate thoughts to someone you care about deeply.

The Kiss Card, which comes in packets of three cards, is published by Amber Lotus, a company founded in 1988 and today consisting of an extended family, including a martial artist, an opera singer, a mom, musicians, gardeners and two practicing Tibetan monks. The Amber Lotus mission is to bring a sense of the eternal by illuminating spirit in the world, and they donate 1% of their net proceeds to a variety of worthy organizations. This is certainly the kind of company we want to support.-

  • The Kiss Card comes in a packet of three cards.
  • The Kiss Card is just one more beautiful example of Alex Grey’s wonderful and inspiring artistry.

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