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While every chakra is important in the scheme of life, the value of an open third-eye chakra seems incalculable as it’s been shown 90% of the information you acquire comes via seeing and this chakra is the center of seeing. Here is where you’ll find the ability to understand and create intellectual concepts. It is a place of intuition. It is a place of devotion. When this chakra opens you’ll notice an ability to learn from experience and relate other people’s ideas.Symptoms of imbalance in your third eye chakra include an over-emphasis on the rational mind, or the opposite, confused and irrational states. To balance the third eye chakra, contemplate starry, inky blue skies. Listen to music that evokes images or feelings of the cosmos. You could wear or surround yourself with lapis lazuli, sodalite, or sapphires. Lapis will stimulate your intuition while sodalite strengthens your nerves. Sapphires are transforming and renewing.

The Crystal Journey Candles company’s Third Eye Candle is infused with the essential oils of jasmine, vetiver, and mint. Their scents are known to stimulate this chakra. Jasmine sharpens your senses and helps you connect the energy between your heart and your brow. Mint stimulates concentration while vetiver uplifts and helps you to sleep. The company had Mystery Arts of the UK provide the extensive information about this chakra for their candle wrapper. However, the candle itself is hand-made in the USA in Essex, CT. Our Third Eye Candle is a positive experience on many levels. –

  • The third eye chakra is also known as Ajna (AHJ-na).
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  • In your body, the third eye chakra is associated with your eyes, face, nose and sinus, the pituitary and pineal glands.
  • Eastern and Western classical music assist in opening or restoring balance to this chakra.
  • Meditation is an excellent exercise to balance the third eye chakra.

  • When you purchase this made in the USA candle and you feel good about yourself.

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