Third Eye Chakra Pendant (Sterling Silver) – Chakra Jewelry

The Third Eye Chakra Pendant in sterling silver, is handmade with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli stone. It’s a real stunner. The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth Chakra. The third Eye Chakra is also known as the Ajna Chakra and the Brow Chakra. In addition, the Third Eye Chakra is also often referred to as the “third eye” or the “mind center.” It is our avenue to wisdom – learning from our experiences and putting them in perspective. Our ability to separate reality from fantasy or delusions is in connection with the healthfulness of this chakra. Achieving the art of detachment beyond “small mindedness” is accomplished through developing impersonal intuitive reasoning. Wearing the Third Eye Chakra Pendant can be a wonderful aid to awakening these abilities.-

  • The Third Eye Chakra Pendant in sterling Silver is 1 inch in diameter.
  • The chain is not included.

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