Tibetan Cedarwood Incense – Tibetan Incense

This Tibetan Cedar Wood Incense is as fresh as all outdoors with the added virtue of being relatively smokeless. If you are troubled by incense smoke, Mandala Art and Incense is the producer for you. They are one of the lowest smoke incense producers of Tibetan incense, while adhering to ancient recipes and traditions of handmade production. Even the paper holding the bundle of incense sticks together is handmade. Mandala Art and Incense has created affordable, relatively modest incense, yet still maintain decent quality.

Cedar wood has a familiar smell owing to its use in the construction of closets and hope chests, or anyplace you want moths to avoid. You might be unaware of its other uses. This Semitic word means “the power of spiritual strength.” Cedar is symbolic of constant faith and has the distinction of being among the oldest of temple incenses in Tibet. Monastics in Tibet found it a useful aid to their meditation practices. It’s respected for its ability to steer straying individuals back onto the spiritual path. So, if mind chatter interferes with your meditation practice, lovely cedar wood just might be the aroma to help keep you focused. It is certainly worth a try. –

  • Package contains 30 sticks that burn for about one hour.
  • The incense comes with its own incense holder.
  • Tibetan Cedar Wood Incense is relatively smokeless.

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