The Earthy Aroma of Tibetan Incense

Making incense is one of the ancient traditional arts of Tibetan monastic orders. The recipes, some of them dating back 2,500 years to the time of Lord Buddha, are kept secret. Among the ingredients used are those that have been blessed in a nine-day ceremony, followed by daily blessings for a year by a meditation master.Following the annexation of Tibet by China, the art of Tibetan incense making is now carried out by monks and refugees who settled in Nepal. Demand for the Tibetan incense remains strong due to its quality and use as an aid to meditation, relaxation, to heal disorders of the mind and body, to help reduce the effects of stress, and to scent the air.The essential oils used in the creation of Tibetan incense are known to purity the air. They increase the ozone and negative ions in a house, which in turn inhibits bacterial growth. Incense can destroy the odors from mold and animals and help remove metallic particles and toxins from the air.Tibetan incense is prepared from high altitude herbs found in the Himalayas and has a characteristic “earthy” aroma. Some of the different types of incense may contain up to 30 different ingredients.

Green Tara Goddess Incense has been used since antiquity for meditation and to relieve tension, stress and depression. It is hand-made by the monks who follow the ancient Tibetan medical recipe. It is created from over 18 different pure and natural herbs. The Tara healing incense is traditionally used in Tibetan monasteries. The Green Tara is the feminine aspect of Buddhahood and you can use this incense to call upon her for inner wisdom and peace.

Tibetan Temple Incense has a powerful purifying effect. Tibetan monks use it for protection and in empowerment rituals. The herbs are chose for their ability attract good and repel negative influences.

Tibetan Cedar Incense uses both cedar and sandal woods along with saffron and Himalayan herbs. You might consider using the incense in our Asta Mangala Incense Burner. It is hand crafted from 100% recycled aluminum and embossed with eight Tibetan lucky symbols.

True Tibetan incense is an appropriate gift for someone who is looking for something a little different.

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