Tibetan Juniper Incense – Tibetan Incense

If you are bothered by the smoke of your incense, Mandala Art and Incense has created the product for you. Its Tibetan Juniper Incense is nearly smokeless, while being reasonably thick and slow burning. One stick lasts about one hour. Mandala Art and Incense produce incense with mellow scents and a low amount of smoke yet remain true to ancient Ayurvedic practices in its creation. When you light up this incense you will notice its top aroma will fade with time leaving you a rich Nepali evergreen wood smell as a base note. The incense lacks off notes or bombastic aromas.

Ayurvedic healing practices come from ancient traditions and have been practiced successfully for literally millennia. Ayurvedic healing uses aroma as part of its healing techniques. Juniper is found to be effective in treating contagious diseases. You can burn this incense in and around sick rooms to purify the air. It is also useful to cleanse environmental pollutants from the air. Juniper is well regarded as useful for dealing with your nervous system. Its aroma strengthens, stimulates, and clears your nerves. If you’re overstressed, Juniper is the scent for you to use to create an ambience in which to calm down, let go and rejuvenate. Juniper is an aroma that is good for the environment as well as good for you, a win-win scent. –

  • 30 sticks that burns for about one hour.
  • Comes with its own incense holder.
  • Relatively smokeless.

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