Tibetan Prayer Flags (xl) – Prayer Flags

Tibetan Buddhist nuns made these prayer flags in Dharamsala, India. Each flag features a wind horse in the center guarded by the four Tibetan Dignities: Snow lion, Tiger, Dragon and Garuda. These four animals represent spiritual qualities that you acquire as you travel along your spiritual path, such as compassion, kindness, joy, awareness, non-judgment, confidence and humility. Hanging prayer flags where they can catch the breeze is the easiest way you can help the world. As the wind moves through the loosely woven fabric the essence of the prayers and the animals is gathered in and then spread by the breeze to all it touches. When you hang your flag with the sincere intention of positively benefiting the world, the effects of the prayers are amplified.

Wind horse carries your prayers swiftly to heaven and there seeks your good fortune. The four dignities are at the corners of each flag guarding wind horse and enhancing the prayers. Dragon awakens you from delusions while improving your auditory ability to learn. Tiger builds your confidence while snow lion provides fearless joy. Snow lion’s energy is youthful and vibrant and comes from its inner goodness. Garuda is a predatory bird with a wing span so vast a man can hide efficiently in its plumage. Garuda can effectively remove obstacles on your spiritual path. –

  • The cotton flags were silk screened by hand at the Tibetan Nuns Project.
  • Hang the Small Animal Prayer Flags to remove danger and attract good fortune your way.
  • The colors will fade in the sun, releasing the prayer’s essence into the surrounding air.
  • The five colors of the flags are symbolic of the five basic elements: red (fire), blue (earth), white (water), green (wind), and saffron (space).
  • Each flag is 9” high by 7” wide and the entire set is 3’ long.

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