Tibetan Prayer Flags (sm) – Out of Stock

Our small-size Tibetan Prayer Flags are no less powerful than the larger flags. Both are believed to grant happiness and health to anyone hanging them. It is also believed that as the air passes through the cloth the subtle essence of the prayers and symbols charge the air with blessings which are indiscriminately bestowed on all the air touches, friends and enemies alike. Air is truly non-partisan.The colors of the individual flags represent the 5 elements: blue is for the sky or space; green represents water; white is for the air or wind; fire is represented by red; and yellow is the earth. Each of the flags is printed with a symbol of the wind horse called “Lung ta.” Lung ta is a vehicle of enlightenment and is believed to carry the prayers written on the flag throughout the earth on the wind’s currents.Printed on the flag are symbols. These symbols are prayers. It is believed as the images fade on the prayer flags the prayers transform and become one with the universe. In this manner blessings flow into nature and nurture all they touch.

Today the prayer flags are made in India and Nepal by Tibetan refugees (or by Buddhists living in Nepal). Flying Tibetan prayer flags is also a way of making a social comment about these disenfranchised people.

  • Tibetan prayer flag string measures 12 feet long.
  • Each prayer flag is 5” x 6” and is vibrantly colored or is white.
  • The figure of a wind horse is on each flag, along with prayers written in symbols.
  • Respect this flag as you would any other by keeping it off the ground and not using it for clothing.

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