I-Ching The Traveler Pendant (Sterling Silver) – Clearance

Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.The journey is a metaphor for the inward quest, and the traveler is always one’s self. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And then the next. And the one after that. One thing at a time. One small thing. The inward journey means looking at yourself. All the tiny details. Each thing that you understand about your emotions, or your thoughts, or your perceptions, or the way you use your body, is a step on this journey. To value the destination without respecting each small step taken is folly. And so, no effort is ever wasted. No matter how turbulent the inner world is, you cannot fall from the path if you just keep on walking. Look at each thought you mind creates; look at each reaction your emotions call up. These are all landmarks on the journey. See each one as it is. Then, pass it by. Accept each thing, and then let each thing go. The Taoist Master is a traveler and this is his journey.

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