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Triloka products are the dream of a group of young environmentalists. They wanted to form a business in 1977 where one could work and trade according to natural practices and laws. They wanted to do it in such a way that no further imbalances or problems would occur on our planet. Their underlying belief was: “we belong to the Earth; the Earth does not belong to us.”

Windrose Trading Company is a manifestation of that philosophy. The Company works hand-in-hand with a network of cottage industry partners in Nepal, Thailand and India to make incense and essential oils. Windrose’s partners make the Triloka brand products, exclusively imported to America by Windrose Trading. 

Triloka provides diversified packaging for its Chakra Incense. Each box shows on the front the traditional symbol and color for the chakra while the back explains the chakra, tells about Ayurvedic science and lists incense ingredients. 

Triloka’s artisans are committed to environmentally sound production practices for their Ayurvedic Chakra Incense. They use recycled materials whenever possible and follow sustainable agricultural principles. Their products are all hand-made and hand-pressed. 

The designers of Triloka’s incense follow ancient Ayurvedic medicine recipes. Ayurveda is a traditional medical system that began on the Indian subcontinent. Loosely translated ‘ayurveda’ means the science of life. Ayurveda practitioners seek to bring into balance your body, mind and spirit. They do this through their medical system which addresses your body’s health, yoga to teach you how to control your body and your mind; and tantra practices which help you use your mind to balance the demands of the spirit with those of the body. 

Chakras are energy centers or vortices that flow through and around your body. Each chakra is located at a major nerve plexus of your body and is immediately involved in keeping the body organs in that area in proper working order. Ayurveda has incense recipes for each chakra.

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