Triloka Crown Chakra Ayurvedic Incense – Triloka Ayurvedic Chakra Incense

Your crown chakra is located on the top of your head. In newborns we call this chakra’s location the baby’s soft spot (also known as the Brahmarandra). The crown chakra is the entry point for your body’s life-force, the energy which nourishes your spirit, your mind, and your body. . Devotion, inspiration, transcendental ideas, mystical connections, and prophetic thoughts are generated by the energy of your crown chakra. Here is your chakra of prayer. The crown chakra also acts as your personal “grace bank account.” This chakra stores the energy you amass through positive behavior: kind actions, kind thoughts, prayers, and acts of faith. . Ayurvedic thinking teaches you to seek a place of balance between body, mind and spirit for full health. When you are out of balance, Ayurveda finds you tend toward sickness. Keys to a blocked crown chakra would be feeling superior to others or being unconcerned about others. Or, you might find yourself out of touch with reality. As you learn to recognize blockages in your energy, you can focus on opening up your chakras. . There is a real, practical reason you find incense used in temples and churches, synagogues and Native American shamanic spiritual rituals. Incense can uplift. Incense can aid meditation. ertain aromas calm you, open, you, soothe you. .

Triloka’s Crown Chakra Ayurvedic Incense uses the two most regal and often used ritual scents – myrrh and frankincense. To these precious scents they added camphor in the Auyrvedic inspired blend to touch your crown chakra.

  • Incense packages contain 10 sticks, each 10” long.
  • When this chakra is open you can be an inspiring leader, feel concerned about humanity, be strong mentally yet still kindly and just.
  • Triloka’s Crown Chakra Ayurvedic Incense helps diminish the effects of a blocked crown chakra.
  • The incense ingredients include myrrh, camphor, and frankincense.

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