Triloka Solar Plexus Chakra Ayurvedic Incense – Triloka Ayurvedic Chakra Incense

Villagers blend by hand natural woods, oils, herbs, flowers, gums and resins to make Triloka brand incense. The company’s founders are dedicated to the concept of bring no additional imbalances to the earth or its peoples, decreasing poverty, and practicing sustainable economic principles. Ayurvedic medicine’s belief in balance fits cleanly into Triloka’s concept. Their artisans follow Ayurveda’s ancient formulas in creating their Chakra Incense products. One of the ways Ayurveda seeks to bring your chakras into balance is through the use of scent. Incense is an excellent way to disseminate nature’s healthful aromas. Triloka’s incense designers have chosen lavender, jasmine, fennel, Davana leaves, Champa flowers, geranium and sandalwood to create their Solar Plexus Chakra Incense. Lavender is probably the most versatile of all fragrances with its ability to refresh, cool, and purify, while it heals and revives your psyche. Lovely, feminine jasmine purifies your emotions and is believed to affect your inner feelings and aspirations. Sandalwood’s fragrance comes from the tree’s bark, not its year-around odorless flowers. Sandalwood’s scent is valued for its uplifting quality. How might you tell if Triloka’s Solar Plexus Chakra Incense is the right one for you? One way could be through your mental state. Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra (also known as the Manipura) may show up in a sensitivity to criticism, an inability to trust, a lack of self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. Physical dysfunctions relating to a this chakra might show up as arthritis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, colon or intestinal problems, Hepatitis or liver dysfunctions. This chakra governs your health, vitality and personal power; its primary purpose is transformation. When open this chakra has you feeling truly connected to the universe and your own unique place in it. You find you can burn away obstructions and attain your goals.

  • Packages contain 10 sticks, each 10” long.
  • Triloka’s incense artisans blend their mixtures by hand, using all natural resins, woods, oils, gums, flowers and herbs.
  • Triloka’s artisans use lavender, Davana leaves, jasmine, fennel, Champa flowers, sandalwood and geranium to address solar plexus chakra issues.
  • Unbalanced solar plexus chakra leads to an inability to know what you can accomplish; you feel weak and may experience arthritis, hepatitis, diabetes, or gastro/intestinal problems.
  • When this chakra (your seat of power) is balanced, you feel comfortable with yourself and confident, truly connected to the universe and your unique place in it.

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