Triloka Incense Cones


Triloka Incense cones are made according to traditional Indian formulas. Herbs, resins and essential oils are blended in a base of pure sandal-wood powder. Each Triloka incense cone is hand-pressed and sun dried. No shortcuts in quality. 20 grams per Triloka Incense Cones box (approximately 14 cones).Ceramic stand included in each box.

Amber Sun – Uplifiting and comforting

Angelic Frankincense – Relaxing, sensual, and blissful.
Arabian Jasmine – Purifies the atmosphere. Energy and concentration.
China Rain – Relaxing and calming.
Dream Rose – Scent of the heart. Aphrodisiac. Harmonizing.
Green Patchouli – Balancing, sensual, and grounding.
Lemon Grass – Refreshing, stimulating, and revitalizing.
Marrakesh – Elegant and inspiring.
Musk -Sensual and stimulating.
Royal Sandalwood – Inner strength, protection and spiritual guidance.
Sandalwood Fire – Inner peace, protection, soothing and calming.
Vanilla Rose – Warm, feminine, and sensual.
Vanilla Sandalwood – Grounding, warm and sensual. Assorted Fragrances 1 – Arabian Jasmine, Amber Sun, Dream Rose, Green Patchouli, Musk, Angelic Frankincense, and Sandalwood Fire.
Assorted Fragrances 2 – Marrakesh, Lemon Grass, Royal Sandalwood, Vanilla Sandalwood, Tangerine Scream, Vanilla Rose, China Rain.

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