TULKU: Season of Souls


SEASON OF SOULS, the second production from Tulku (Co-produced by Jim Wilson and Mitchell Markus), continues its marriage of old world traditions and contemporary ambient music. Drawing from a diverse lot of cultures including Persian, Aboriginal, Indian, Mayan and Native American, Tulku’s melting pot of intoxicating rhythms, vocal samples and electronic textures leads to ten compelling cuts of ethnic energy. The blend of sitar and Peyote chant from Native American vocalists Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike makes for a transfixing east meets west jaunt on “Tipari.” Axiom of Choice vocalist Mamak Khadem lends her sensual voice to “Meena Devi” and the chilled-out Middle eastern flair of “The Falcon” is mesmerizing in its organic, edge of the desert beauty.

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