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This new edition of Eknath Easwaran’s clear and contemporary translation of the ancient Hindu scripture, “The Upanishads,” will surely appeal to today’s readers. Easwaran places “The Upanishads” in contemporary times in the forward. New chapter introductions supplement the book’s introduction and aid your understanding, as do the afterward and Easwaran’s detailed notes.For those of you unfamiliar with ancient Hindu scripture, “The Upanishads” contain the written version of oral teachings from ancient Indian sages. “The Upanishads” are collected wisdom, the oldest from around the middle of the first millennium BCE, the more recent from medieval times. Indian wise men in antiquity decided to explore human consciousness. They sought to answer the question: is there anything that remains constant in the changing flows of human thought?The positive answers to the sages question have become what Aldous Huxley called Perennial Philosophy. “The Upanishads” tell us there is indeed a changeless Reality within the ebb and flow of life and merging with it is within human reach. This concept from ancient wise men underscores all religious beliefs. Easwaran’s translation and commentary shows how the teachings from old apply to contemporary life.

Easwaran’s translation shows both his Sanskrit scholarship and Indian heritage. Its poetic aspact is enriched by Easwaran’s love of English Literature. Easwaran is a gifted teacher who chooses for modern readers the passages of “The Upanishads” that are the most universal, then translates them in a readable fashion that has made the book a perennial bestseller in its category.

  • Easwaran’s introduction gives readers an explanation of the Upanishadic sages’ discoveries.
  • He further connects these discoveries to their relevance for today’s readers.
  • “This edition of “The Upanishads” has revised chapter introductions, afterword and detailed notes which round out Easwaran’s introduction.
  • The book is affordable wisdom, sure to inspire and illuminate.

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