Vedic Path (CD & DVD)


CD, DVD, and Indian Music MapVEDIC PATH is more than simply an album, it’s a full-fledged, virtual journey across the Indian subcontinent. Created as part of the new “Palm World Voices” series of multi-media packages, VEDIC PATH offers an album of music, a DVD of stunning imagery from the Indian landscape, an informative map from National Geographic and a 50-page booklet. The musical album was compiled by the folks at Quango Records and features a broad range of artists, from revered masters like Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan to contemporary innovators like M Path and Sheila Chandra. The DVD is 60 minutes in length and presents footage that was recorded in the cities and countryside of India. In true National Geographic fashion, the map includes a plethora of information on musical instruments, customs and cultural trends. The book features vibrant photography and an essay by journalist Robin Denselowe, that gives an overview of Indian history, music and spirituality. This is an incredible package that allows one to fully immerse themselves in many different facets of Indian culture.

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