Vishnu, the All-Pervading Essence

Hindu Gods and Goddesses have fascinated followers for centuries. One of the Supreme Gods, Vishnu, is certainly no exception. Vishnu is said to be the “all-pervading” essence of all beings. Vishnu has also been mentioned as the “master” of all things past, present and future. In the Rigveda, the accent collection of hymns, Vishnu is mentioned 93 times. Vishnu is often considered to be the preserver of the universe, while Brahma and Shiva are the creator and destroyer of the universe, respectively. Vishnu is usually portrayed as blue or black with four arms extended from his body.

If you, family or friends follow Hinduism, the Vishnu 2.5” Hindu Statue would be a wonderful gift no matter what time of year. This Vishnu statue is crafted by hand out of an ivory substitute. The material is warm to the touch and extremely durable. Microscopic glass beads are embedded into the statue to add weigh and a fabulous shine. The Vishnu 2.5” Hindu Statue features detailed carvings and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Available at a great low price, this Hindu statue will be a great addition to anyone’s Hindu collection.

Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik is a graduate of medicine from Bombay University. One of his primary focuses is stress management. A combination of his work and interest in Hindu mythology led him to write the book, Vishnu: An Introduction. In this book Dr. Pattanaik takes the readers through a tour of philosophy, beliefs, history and customs. The Vishnu book is full of explanations, over 200 illustrations, a pictorial key to various symbols and a map showing important Vishnu temples. Vishnu: An Introduction is a fabulous introduction to Vishnu, his mythology and its association to everyday living.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses, by Edward Moor, is a master collection of fabulous illustrations and captions of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. In this book you will receive over 300 skillfully drawn images of Vishnu, Krishna, Siva and other major deities of the Hindu religion. This book is a reprint of the classic illustration book by one of the 19th century’s leading scholars, Edward Moor. Very exact and beautiful line drawings will certainly have any reader fascinated in learning more about the amazing God and Goddesses of the Hindu religion. Hindu God and Goddesses is a wonderful book showing the rich history of India’s religious iconography.

Exploring the rich history of any Hindu God or Goddess can be an unbelievable journey. Vishnu and his aura is just another great path on your spiritual journey. We have many different tools for you to explore Vishnu and his presence in the Hindu religion. Beautiful statues, educational books and much more await you on your journey. You can start or continue it today at

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