Wah! has a spent a lifetime immersed in music, studying in the US, India and Africa. Her music reflects her travel and spiritual experiences from many parts of the world. The WAH! band was formed in 1993, and they traveled and performed at festivals and conferences (Yuba City Cultural Arts Festival, Womanheart Retreat). In 1995, Wah! moved to Los Angeles, where the band performed for celebrities, opened for Hole (Courtney Love), and built a following in local clubs and venues in California. The band performed on VTV Vancouver Morning Television in 1999. In September 1999, Wah! began touring with Krishna Das (Triloka Records), playing bass, violin and back-up vocals. For three years Wah! managed and performed with Krishna Das, and engaged in constant US touring. In 2001 the WAH! band reformed to tour in support of Hidden in the Name and S

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