White Bone Skull Mala | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore

Ma’s India’s beautiful array of neck malas may make the decision more difficult when you’re deciding which one’s the right one for you. This eye-catching 108 bead White Bone Skull Mala is made from carved white camel bone. This White Bone Skull Mala is quite dramatic, especially given our culture’s overall rather clinical attitude toward “the skull.” In Hinduism and Buddhism, as in many other ancient traditions, the skull is revered as it represents the impermanence of the body. The “cremation ground” itself is revered and represented by the skull. The skulls are an ancient meditation tool for contemplating the ultimate death of the body and the continuing journey of the soul. Bones themselves have a significance that goes to the depths of spirituality in many traditions. The White Bone Skull Mala is extremely striking in appearance. And this beautiful White Bone Skull Mala is a very powerful tool for doing meditation, including japa mala, open-eyed meditation. You’re bound to become very attached to this special White bone Skull Mala.-

  • This White Bone Skull Mala is approximately 30” from the tassel to the top of the loop.
  • Be prepared for people staring and being brave enough to ask some interesting questions.
  • 108 Beads

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