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With its White Sage Smudge, Triloka has done it again—come up with an eco-friendly aromatic product that serves you on multiple levels. With their Shaman line the company has moved into using Native American partners. Their partners come from a reservation cooperative that uses sustainable harvesting of the plants which are then packed in bio-degradable packaging. White sage is used to remove negative energy, to bring you back into balance, improve your mental clarity, and increase your memory.

“Shaman” means spiritual healer in Siberian (its language of origin). The shaman functions as an intermediary between you and the spiritual world. Shamans have a rich and ancient cultural heritage to draw upon for their healing practices. One practice the shamans use is to burn bundles of herbs whose aroma directly affects your mental outlook. White sage is the plant most commonly used by the shamans. They use white sage both indoors and out, in healing rituals, in sweat lodges, and during festivals. You’ll be delightfully satisfied by Triloka’s Shaman’s White Sage Smudge. –

  • White Sage Smudge Trio is an 8” bundle.
  • The packaging is bio-degradable.
  • The white sage plants are sustainably harvested by a Native American reservation cooperative.

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