Painted Wooden Om – 14″ – Om Art

This symbol, Sanskrit for the word OM, is the epitome of power. In one symbol and one sound you have a representation of all that is – past, present and future. The three sounds that make up the word OM are said to represent all time in the form of different deities.Time past is represented in the first sound of OM, “a”. It is pronounced like the “a” in accounting. The Hindu deity Brahma, the god of creation, is associated with this sound. The second sound of OM is “u”. You pronounce it like the “u” in would. This sound stands for present time and is associated with the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu. The final sound of OM is the “m”, which you pronounce like the “m” in sum. This sound stands for future time or events yet to come. The god of destruction, Shiva, is associated with this final sound.When you look at the powerful OM symbol, or when you repeat its sound as a mantra, you become aware of possibilities within yourself. You come to feel it is possible for you to change and to become free. Look at your OM symbol and know that you too can gradually leave impurities behind and transform into a purer being through your spiritual practices. –

  • Each OM wall hanging is hand painted.
  • The actual wooden art may differ slightly from the one in the photo.
  • This OM wall hanging measures 14 inches high.

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