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Our Wooden OM Wall Art is the symbol for OM (the primal sound).The elegant simplicity of our Wooden OM Wall Art piece is visually satisfying. The lovely curved lines stand out with nothing to distract the eye. You can sit back and enjoy this piece on several levels. You can use it to stimulate you to contemplate the significance of OM in life. You can use it as a reminder to meditate. You can use the sound of OM to help you fight disease by saying it over and over again.

The Sanskrit symbol of OM is sacred in Hinduism where it represents the impersonal absolute – omnipresent, omnipotent, and the source of all existence. Because the impersonal absolute is incomprehensible, Hinduism has given us this OM symbol to assist you in your spiritual reflections. The concept of OM is huge for it represents both the manifest and the unmanifest aspects of God. And, if you repeat “OM,” the vibrations produced by the sound will penetrate to the core of your being. Here these vibrations will neutralize the peaks and valleys of disharmony to produce within you an inner harmony, peace and even bliss. Your internal vibrations come in sync with the vibration of the universe. In this way your own awareness expands. Our Wooden OM Wall Art will spiritually enliven any space in which it lives in your home.-

  • The three sounds in OM (a-u-m) symbolize past (Lord Brahma, creation), present (Lord Vishnu, preservation), and future (Lord Shiva, destruction).
  • The carved OM wall art piece is approximately 8” in diameter.

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