World Groove Mix Vol. 1 – Compilations

With its mesmerizing whirl of indigenous instrumentation, intoxicating beats and hypnotic vocals, World Groove Mix Vol.1 is rip-roaring adventure in club-friendly, global rhythms. Produced by artists David and Steve Gordon, the same pair responsible for the funky yet chilled Buddha Lounge albums, the World Groove Mix Vol.1 compilation brings together artists like Tya, Jaya Lakshmi, Ginko Garden, Zingaia and more in one non-stop mix. These rapturous grooves are sure to keep the feet of any worldbeat aficionado busy; songs like “Two Sides of One Kind” from Potsch Potschka and “Naked” from Tya sport enough energy and powerful percussion to make anyone want to dance. Yet, the inclusion in World Groove Mix Vol.1 of mood-drenched, atmospheric grooves ensures that those who simply want to trance out will find their desires catered to as well.-

  • World Groove Mix Vol.1 – dance-out or trance-out!
  • The World Groove Mix Vol.1 compilation will keep you rapturously busy!

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