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Non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, non-excess, and non-possessiveness are the five yamas (restraints) of yoga. Purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study, and surrender make up the five niyamas (observances). The niyamas and yamas are ethical guidelines on how you can get free of your mind and take ownership of the course of your life. They comprise the foundation for skillful living and are the first two limbs of yoga’s eight-fold path. Yoga is more than just a series of postures; it is a way of life and Deborah Adele’s book opens up the path to you.

Each chapter in Adele’s book “The Yamas and Niyamas” covers one ethical guideline. She gives you practical examples and stories to illuminate the philosophy of the tenet. Deborah Adele ends her chapters with questions that challenge you to go deeper. Yoga teachers in training will find the book helpful. Adele wrote the book, however, to also serve you on your own personal journey, whether you question yourself singly or with a group of people who have chosen to study together. –

  • Paperback, 192 pages.
  • On-Word Bound Books (2009).
  • The yamas and niyamas are the foundation of yogic way of living and ethics.
  • Deborah Adele holds certifications in several yoga styles, built Yoga North in Duluth, MN over 14 years, and has now written her first book on yoga from her own experiences and studies.

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