The Yoga Sessions – EarthRise SoundSystem

The soundscape of The Yoga Sessions CD is all 21st Century. Derek Beres is a yoga instructor of power or Vinyasa yoga. David Schommer is better known as the percussionist Duke Mushroom. Together EarthRise SoundSystemís Schommer & Beres have created a new paradigm for yoga music. Their sound is organically spacious and percussively rich. The Yoga Sessions design concept goes beyond the yoga studio. It works splendidly in a yoga class because it was created to embrace the arc of a class. The album also fits into a dance club, a lounge, or in your home. You might say it multi-tasks. EarthRise SoundSystems got their inspiration for The Yoga Sessions when they were working on a remix of one of Deva Premalís songs. The group previously created remixes for other artists (for example Nickodemus, Vieux Farka Toure, as well as Deva Premal) and had earned praise for their efforts. Yoga Sessions, EarthRiseís debut collection, mixes international melody with downtempo beats. First-rate vocalists and instrumentalists have added their talents to this 21st Century yoga music album. According to BBCís Pathaan, The Yoga Sessions is ďa deep, moving and organic sonic adventure for the mind, body, and soul.Ē Makes me want to listen just to hear what they achieved, how about you?-

  • EarthRise Sound Systemís debut album.
  • Brings yoga music to the 21st Century.
  • Suitable for dance, yoga, or home listening enjoyment.

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