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The word “yoga” comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. It translates as ‘to yoke, to be whole, to unite.’ The ancient civilizations of India and China, the Tibetans and the Mayans all developed the science of yoga. Ancient scrolls from before 40,000 B.C.E. describe this science of the self. However, it wasn’t until around 200 C.E. that the physician-sage Patanjali organized the science of yoga into eight sutras (threads), which were used for centuries to keep track of yoga’s teachings. Yoga’s goal is to unite your body, mind and spirit. It keeps your body flexible, tones the muscles, helps with weight control, can keep you feeling young, and is sound preventative healthcare. Yoga is uniquely yours and is non-competitive. Yoga adapts to everyone’s needs and you need not be in perfect shape to do yoga. You are given the tools to transform stress into energy when you practice yoga. It also develops peace of mind and a higher awareness. Kali Natha Yoga, a combination of ancient yogic practices developed by Ma Jaya, requires no prior yoga experience, is open to all ages and all disabilities. Kali Natha Yoga can be practiced by everyone. Check it out.-

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