Mukunda Lal Gosh was born January 5, 1893 in Gorakapur to a well -to-do-Bengali parents. He had his education at the Serampore College in Calcutta. At the age of seventeen, he met and became the disciple of a great Yoga master, Yukteswar (Yukteswar’s guru was another famous god man, Yogavatar Lahiri Mahasaya. Lahiri’s guru was the famous Babji -known as the deathless guru, and estimated to be more than 1000 years old. There have been many sightings of Babaji, especially at the famous Kumbha Mela festivals. The next festival will take place in Allhabad in 2001). In 1920, Yogananda established the Self- Realization society to disseminate worldwide the ancient science and philosophy of Yoga. He practiced and preached the ‘Kirya” Yoga. In the early twenties, he met the deathless guru, Babaji – Yogananda met him only twice- who personally requested Yogananda to go to west and spread the ‘Kiriya’ Yoga. He established the Self -Realization church in Los angles in 1924. Some of his western devotees included horticulturist Luther Burbank and poet Edwin Markham.Yogananda was the author of several books, the famous one being the ‘ Autobiography of a Yogi’. He entered Mahasamadhi on March 7th, 1952 in Los Angles. It is said that even twenty days after his death – no embalming was done- his body showed no sign of decay

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